Links to Useful Information

About Charter Schools



Selected Books and Studies Cited in Hard Lessons


The RAND study of charter schools and vouchers, “Rhetoric vs. Reality: What We Know and What We Need to Know About Vouchers and Charter Schools”


The fourth-year federal study of charter schools, by RPP International:


Information on All Together Now, the excellent book on economic integration of schools by Richard D. Kahlenberg:


Information on The One Best System, by David Tyack, and Tinkering Toward Utopia, by David Tyack and Larry Cuban


Federal study, “Charter Schools and Students with Disabilities”


Katrina Bulkley and Jennifer Fisler’s “Review of the Research on Charter Schools”



Charter School Organizations and Resources


Education Week site on charter schools


The Doyle Report information on charters


U.S. Charter Schools


California Network of Educational Charters


Education Commission of the States “Charter School Roadmap”


Charter Schools Development Center (California)



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